Dr Christian Jessen


TV star Dr Christian Jessen greets equal marriage with Stonewall t-shirt campaignDr Christian Jessen is the dreamy presenter of ‘Embarrassing Illnesses’, ‘Supersize Vs Superskinny’, the BAFTA award winning ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and ‘The Ugly Face of Beauty.’

His most recent Channel 4 documentary was the much lauded Cure Me I’m Gay.

He graduated in 2000 from University College London, having trained in general medicine, infectious disease, travel medicine and sexual health/HIV. He has lived in Kenya and Uganda where he taught in schools and also researched malaria and HIV interactions in children. He now works at Doctorcall, on the world famous Harley Street, looking after general medical and sexual health patients.

Dr Christian is involved in a number of public campaigns and he works closely with various health charities to help look for new ways to educate people in health matters. His main aim is to help raise medical awareness and simplify, demystify, de-stigmatise and explain the sometimes complicated and inaccessible world of medicine to the public.

He is also medical advisor and columnist for Closer magazine, he writes a weekly health column for the Evening Standard and a monthly column for Top Santé magazine. His book ‘Supersize vs Superskinny’ (Transworld 2008) accompanies the hit series of the same name. ‘Can I Just Ask’ was released in November 2010.

Read Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett’s interview with him for the Guardian earlier this year.

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Jacob and Esua


We’ve been feeling quite bad lately that many Christians are getting the shitty end of our stick as we discuss equality for LGBT people globally and would like to offer this image of Romanian Orthodox Priests (and brothers) Jacob and Esua as an olive branch.

Jacob and Esua

Forgive me father for I have sinned…

all over my laptop.

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What Was That Sound? Another Nail In The Coffin of Freedom of Speech


Originally posted on compulsive truth:

April 11, 2014:

The story is that two high school kids wore anti-gay Ts on the day commemorating LGBT Day of Silence, which is about how mainstream culturesilences LGBT youth by bullying and harassment. This day marked the end of “Unity Week.”

According to the KATU-TV news video, the kid with the grayed out face said that only “one teacher asked me to flip it out,” but a school admin, who is not shown in the video, allegedly stated that the school is trying to stop the anti-gay boys from wearing the really badly designed and printed T-shirts. (Gay boys would have made those shirts fabulous.)

An anti-anti-gay blogger wrote, “You, as an You, as an evangelical Christian in America, have 364 other fucking days,” meaning that let’s give baby fags and dykes one fucking day for themselves, which is also known as tokenism.

Additionally, one of the…

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In Search of Seroconversion


“I think to contract HIV would be the ultimate rebellious act for me, and would be two fingers up to my parents”.

1558466_275702939245968_454194400_nIn Search of Seroconversion

Publishing on LGBTicons.com this Thursday

Barry Church-Woods

I’m a little bit depressed today. I’ve created a new content plan for LGBTicons.com to offer some consistency for readership. There will be supplementary content on social media and re-blogs of stuff I find interesting, but it pretty much goes like this:


• Monday: News
• Tuesday: Profile
• Wednesday: Midweek Guilty Pleasure
• Thursday: Guest blogger
• Friday: Journalism
• Saturday : Inspirational content
• Sunday: Rest
• Rinse/Repeat


So far it’s been great, though this week I’m wading into the proper journalism pledge. The bit where I have to find a subject that interests me and address it through real grown up research, sourcing interviewees and exploring all sides to a story. I decided that this month, I’d look at the changing face of HIV and AIDS in the western world in the run up to HBO’s broadcast of The Normal Heart.

As a child of the 80s, AIDS was absolutely a death sentence. Something to be avoided at all costs with a social stigma akin to paedophilia or committing genocide. In the past 10 years with the rise of antiretroviral drugs things have changed. They say people aren’t dying now. They say that AIDS is now a chronic disease, not a fatal one. And because of that, people aren’t looking after them-selves.

But people are wrong.

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I’m Homophobic (About Myself)


Originally posted on Accidental Buddhism:

I have a fear.  I’ve only really mentioned it to a few people.  I am homophobic.

Let me clarify what I mean by this.  I am homophobic of my own homosexuality.  I recently watched myself in a video and I caught myself cringing at the things I was doing.  My voice is high and “feminine.”  My mannerism are über gay.  I even half joked with a colleague that there was no way, after watching this video, that anyone would EVER mistake me for straight.

In the last ten years people have compared me to Nathan Lane’s character in the Bird Cage, Jack from Will and Grace (though I’m not that shallow), and Cam from Modern Family.  This comparison is always followed with, “they always make me smile,” or “they make me so happy, like you do.”  It is never said to me maliciously.  The comparison is always made as a…

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Gratuitous Gage Wilson Shot

The LGBTicons Guide to Snagging a Husband on Grindr


Barry Church-Woods


Eight years ago I went on a date I arranged with a man through a social site designed for hook ups.  It was only the second time I used the site, the first scenario being less than ideal and sure to make my Catholic family blush.

Eight years on from my second experience, I’m married to that guy and as such think I’m perfectly qualified to give you advice on how you can be more like me and snag that man of your dreams.

Times have changed and though Gaydar is now the clamshell Nokia of the cruising kingdom, I’m fairly confident that my great advice is as applicable for the iPhone friendly Grindr as it is for the dinosaurs amongst you still using local newspaper personals.

So where to begin.

The Profile

When setting up your user profile, remember these simple rules:

Nobody’s interested in your face. Selfies are notoriously unreliable.  Unless you can guarantee that your date will show up, immediately stand on a chair, smear Vaseline in his eyes and shine a magnesium torch on you, you’re fooling no-one.  Starting a date with disappointment is never a good thing.  Go for the cock shot.

If you do have a good face, keep that as a pleasant surprise.  If not, Marithe + Francois Girbaud do a great line in veils for men.

There’s a reason Gaydar, Grindr, Squirt and the Evening News all ask for stats.  It’s all people care about.  You can have a face like Joe Manganiello but if when you drop that robe you have a body like Gollum, they’re still going to end up spitting on your back and pretending they’ve finished.  And they won’t call back.


The dick pic is essential and tells the real story.  From one well lit scrotal photo you can tell religion, build, grooming habits and if it’s to your taste.  They’re like snowflakes.  No two are the same.  Some disappear on your tongue.

There’s a real honesty in the gloss finished illustration of your wand of penetration.  If your potential husband’s avatar is of them nailing their balls to a workbench then you know where you’re starting with them.

A cheesy portrait in a bar tells you nothing.  Even Ted Bundy was hot.

Be honest.  If you’re a power bottom let the world know.  Somewhere, somehow, you’ll find that perfect power top and you’ll make sweet pneumatic music.  There’s nothing worse than trying to park in the garage when the door’s half shut.

No-one really cares about your interests.  You’re gay, there’s no need to state your music taste.  We ALL love Kylie and Madonna.  Listing your favourite albums from 2013 is a sure fire way to let people know you’ve been online wanking all year and not out getting bummed for Jesus.

Same goes for films.  Unless you’re directing them to that thing you like doing that Gage Wilson does on Randy Blue so well then no one gives a fuck.  Use the film section as an instruction manual, or skip it all together.

Gratuitous Gage Wilson Shot

People like honesty.  So when it asks what your interests are say you’re a borderline alcoholic who smokes too much and occasionally falls asleep when you’re still inside. Hobbies are for children.  If you want to attract teachers or paedophiles then go ahead.  But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Now you have the bait, it’s time to cast your reel.

The Snag

As soon as you see that someone’s looked at your profile start the conversation by saying something like ‘oh my god, that’s so big, I’ve never seen one like it, do you want to come round and turkey slap me like Fred Flintstone?’  Nothing kills a boner like a quick ‘Hi, I see you like Alanis Morissette, I once seen her in Milton Keynes’.

As SOON as they get back, respond with some platitude like LOL or ROFLMAO.  People like to think they’re funny.  They also really like acronyms and text speak.  If you don’t know how to do text speak then try typing phonetically in a Hawick accent.

If they don’t block you immediately it’s a sign that they really like you.  Ask them for a date or a booty call.  These sites are very safe and it’s ok to share your home address and phone number if you’ve had one or two emails from the person.

It’s rude to ask people their STD or criminal status.  People who commit crimes can’t use computers, only steal them, so rest assured that you’ll be dating one of the good guys right from the start.  You can tell if someone has a sexually transmitted disease by looking them in the face in direct light.  Crabs somehow make their way into eyebrows.  If your date’s eyebrows are drawn on, you’ve made a massive mistake.

The Date

This is where it goes wrong for so many.

There’s a reason Madonna only dates people who still wear Axe body spray.  The vitality of youth is sexy.  Remember this when dressing for your date regardless of how old you are.  Dungarees and a backwards facing cap will sub consciously let your man know that you fuck like a stallion.  Pair it with bomber jacket and some Reebok pumps and you’re home free.

Though booty calls with complete strangers are a lot of fun, it’s often best to meet in a public space.  Choose a bar you like and that is expensive.  Order a lot of nice things and pretend you’ve lost your wallet.  If he pays, it’s time to take him home.

The Sex

First impressions are what matters.  Do what you have to do to make him like you, regardless of if you enjoy it.  He’ll soon forget the first time and get used to lazy familiar sex.

Real men like a bit of vulnerability too.  If you can, shed a single tear when he ejaculates.  I find remembering that bit in Beaches when Barbara Hershey dies always does the trick.  If the mood takes you, sing the Glory of Love to plant the seed that you’re marriage material.

Now for the most important bit.


Make sure you have a morning quickie even if he has to work.  This means he’ll need to shower, and you’ll then have time to go through his stuff.  This is an ideal opportunity to look at bank statements and payslips, but really the jackpot is finding his spare house keys.  Who wouldn’t love to come home to some homemade lasagne from the guy they balled last night?

From then on in, it’s over to you.

It may seem pushy, particularly if like me you’re British, but I assure you, if you are persistent enough, and keep pampering him when he comes home from work he will eventually agree to marry you.

If only to shut you up.

Here, @JosefCW tells of his experience of planning our wedding: Here Come The Grooms



The world is a wonderfully diverse place, filled with incredible people that love and are loved. Often, it’s easy to feel like you don’t fit in, and it’s hard to find your place – especially if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered. This blog serves to remind you that although we didn’t always have a voice, we’ve been here all along, and the LGBT community has made significant contributions to this planet and its history.

Through this site, we hope to profile LGBT people of significant achievement and those that have championed equality for all.

This is very much a work in progress and we welcome ideas for content as well as the sharing of skills to improve our offering.

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How Coming Out almost KILLED me, then how it SAVED my life…


Originally posted on anotherurbanite:

I love men.

Those words flow from my mouth with the upmost of ease now, but at one point in my life they were the three hardest words to form. A terrifying truth that seemed almost impossible to say, let alone accept.

But why? And what can we learn from it?

The first issue was growing up in a repressed and often vindictively religious family. Homosexuality was deemed to be simply wrong. No arguments. To come out meant throwing myself head first into the world without knowing if my family would ever speak to me again.

The second issue was losing all my male friends, who would feel awkward around me moving forwards. I had mostly male friends and not one to this point had questioned my sexuality. To admit the truth to them could shun me from my entire friendship group; if not from choice, then from awkwardness.


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Sandi Toksvig: A Gold Standard Icon


I first came across Sandi Toksvig on my TV when she used to present the kids’ show No.73 in the early 1980s. Years later, I met her at an event and asked her if she called it that because she used to live in the capital’s lesbian mecca Stoke Newington, where the No.73 bus winds from the West End. “God no,” she told me. “I’ve always lived in West London.”


Originally from Denmark, Sandi Toksvig attended Cambridge University and was a reluctant lesbian icon in the beginning. “I’d never been anything but true to myself, never been anything but me,” she commented. But as there were precisely no out female celebrities in the early 90s, no precedent had been set for coming out – so being the first to do so was daunting. “When I had my children though, I knew I had to live honestly to set them an example,” she said.

So in 1994, she courageously emerged blinking into the headlines and promptly received a skipful of bile, death threats and was dropped in her role as ambassador for Save The Children. It was a lonely place to be and over the next few years under such intense pressure, her relationship crumbled.
“I ended up a single mother, thinking about what jobs I could do if my work dried up. I was told it would and I honestly, I have no particular skills,” she said wryly. For Sandi, the personal has always been political though, so she threw herself into LGBT causes, not least the fight for equal marriage and went about her daily life.

And despite the warnings, the work did not dry up. Sandi has had an unparalleled career as an author and playwright, as well as being a radio & TV presenter. She’s probably best known for her work presenting Radio 4’s The News Quiz and being a team captain on Call My Bluff. She’s also a familiar face on numerous TV panel shows including Have I Got News For You, QI & Mock The Week and was the queen of Whose Line Is It Anyway. This year she’s also hosting the revival of the TV quiz show Fifteen To One and is currently writing a musical. Her play Bully Boy was a West End hit in 2012 and Sandi has written over 20 books and counting. Frankly, I’m tired just writing it all down.

As for love, that rose from the ashes for her too. When she was at a particularly low ebb, a friend invited her to a dinner party and on the doorstep, she met her future wife Debbie. That was 14 years ago.

“It was as near being struck by lightning as is humanly possible,” Sandi stated. “Debbie reached in and hung a string of lights around my heart. And anybody who’s ever watched Desert Hearts will know what I mean.” The pair formed a civil partnership a few years back and renewed their marriage vows on the day the Same Sex Marriage act came into force on March 29th. The event was attended by their family and friends, the London Gay Men’s Chorus and over 2,000 well wishers at London’s Royal Festival Hall where Sandi is a regular contributor.

“I never thought equal marriage would happen in my lifetime, it’s overwhelming,” Sandi stated. She’s a beautifully talented tour-de-force in the UK entertainment industry and LGBT rights wouldn’t be where they are today without people like her.

Clare Lydon’s book London Calling is out now.

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