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Claudia Brind-Woody


Continuing our series of highlighting brilliant minds, meet Claudia Brind-Woody – Vice President & Managing Director, Global Intellectual Property Licensing at IBM Claudia holds the position of Vice President and Managing Director for Global Intellectual Property Licensing as well as the Global Co-Chair of the IBM LGBT Executive Taskforce. She is fully […]

30 Day LGBT Challenge: Days 9 & 10

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Learn more about the 30 Day LGBT Challenge – and join in, in the comments if you have something to say. Day 9 – What do you think about LGBT Pride? Is it helpful or hurtful? Encouraged or unnecessary? Barry: I have so many feelings about LGBT Pride in general.  I’d […]

30 Day LGBT Challenge: Day 5


Learn more Day 5 – Thoughts regarding inner turmoil about your sexuality; did you have any? Did it escalate to self-injury or suicidal thoughts? Barry: I never fully appreciated how blessed I was having a family and group of friends whose only concern was my happiness.  There was no real […]

Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw

“I suppose now I’m very grateful that it happened the way it did. It was never a secret, everyone around me in my life knew, it’s just very hard to know how to say it, in a way, with some sort of dignity and to remain private. It was something […]

30 Day LGBT Challenge: Day 2


30 Day LGBT Challenge – find out more Day 2 – Did you have any experiences as a child that might have foreshadowed your sexuality? I think in terms of mannerisms and stereotypical behaviours associated with homosexuality yes.  I touch on some of these in my Open Letter to 105 […]

Sonja Kovalevsky


Day 2 of highlighting remarkable LGBT minds throughout history introduces Sonja Kovalevsky (1850-1891) – Russian mathematician, developed Kovalevsky’s theorem, editor of Acta Mathematica. Showing aptitude in mathematics at an early age, Kovalevsky is an example of a brilliant woman who encountered barriers solely because of her gender. Women were not […]


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