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Dr Christian Jessen

TV star Dr Christian Jessen greets equal marriage with Stonewall t-shirt campaign

Dr Christian Jessen is the dreamy presenter of ‘Embarrassing Illnesses’, ‘Supersize Vs Superskinny’, the BAFTA award winning ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and ‘The Ugly Face of Beauty.’ His most recent Channel 4 documentary was the much lauded Cure Me I’m Gay. He graduated in 2000 from University College London, having trained in […]

Jacob and Esua

Jacob and Esua

We’ve been feeling quite bad lately that many Christians are getting the shitty end of our stick as we discuss equality for LGBT people globally and would like to offer this image of Romanian Orthodox Priests (and brothers) Jacob and Esua as an olive branch. Forgive me father for I […]

In Search of Seroconversion


“I think to contract HIV would be the ultimate rebellious act for me, and would be two fingers up to my parents”. In Search of Seroconversion Publishing on this Thursday Barry Church-Woods I’m a little bit depressed today. I’ve created a new content plan for to offer some […]


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