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Tom Clark

“The world listens to our music, laughs at our jokes, wears our suits, watches our movies, thrills at our athletic performances, reads our books, attends our plays, utilizes our scientific and political thoughts and stands in awe in front of our works of art; while at the same time saying that who we love is reason enough to deny us full and equal participation in the culture that we’ve contributed so generously to.

What becomes apparent then, in sifting through the legions of people who’ve made a difference in our cultures, is that those who love outside of the realm of heterosexuality have the same capacity as anyone else for leaving legacies that enrichen our lives and forever change the way we experience the world around us.
Most religious thought holds tightly to the notion that there is something inherently wrong with homosexuality. Pope John Paul II has himself declared that homosexuals are “objectively disordered” – a thought that is echoed throughout most of Christianity and other major world religions. I think our history proves them wrong though, as does our contemporary community of gay women and men who bring so much richness, texture, color and enjoyment to our lives.
Having contributed so much to the essence of our cultures both past and present then, it seems like it’s time to rethink the limitations we’ve placed on gay men and women who wish to participate fully at the table of privilege”.

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