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The Filthy World of John Waters

“Indifference is the devil”. A love letter to John Waters, by Stromo I first stumbled upon the works of John Waters in my mid teens, when I discovered one of his films being shown late on channel four. It felt seedy and somewhat wrong, watching ‘Female Trouble’ at 2am, on […]

Here Come The Grooms

“We set out to find the perfect, rustic (read cheap) wedding venue that would cope with our many Scottish, Swedish and English wedding guests, including several children and the odd alcoholic“ Josef Church-Woods Will you marry me? A question that, as a 30-year-old gay man, I had never really banked on being […]


It’s been over a month now since we started LGBTicons and so far the response has been largely positive. We’ve always stated that this is a work in progress, and as such we’ll constantly be tweaking our direction in response to how effective our content is. Though the profiling people […]

Craig Jones: Rocking the Boat

“I’m the type to aspire to command a ship, I’m not the ship’s hairdresser. I was chatting to a civilian the other day who thought all our gay men and women were probably stewards.“ Up until 2008, Craig Jones was possibly the most senior publicly gay member of the military; […]

Tina Kotek’s Chamber Of No Secrets

“We all look for people out there who look like us” An Oregon woman will be the first openly lesbian lawmaker to lead a state legislative chamber in the U.S. Democrats in the state House Thursday night chose Rep. Tina Kotek of Portland to be the next speaker. The decision […]