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Where Have All The Heroes Gone? – Step Up For Uganda

“Accurate scholarship can unearth the whole offense, from Luther until now that has driven a culture mad”.

September 1, 1939. Auden


David Kato

This week, Uganda’s infamous “Kill the Gays” bill is back. If it passes, this horrific law could allow the death penalty for lesbian and gay Ugandans. It could pass at any moment.

President Museveni once promised to veto this heinous bill. But Uganda’s politicians are desperate to pass the bill and they’re pressuring Museveni to give in. The Speaker of the Parliament is actually calling it a “Christmas gift” to Uganda!

Last May, millions of people stood up with activists from across Uganda to stop this very same law – and it worked.  Now we have to do it again.  We need to take action and share this far and wide.  We need every voice to build a massive outcry that the media and world leaders can’t ignore.  The pressure could be enough to stop this bill in its tracks:

According to the All Out team’s partners,  the bill is now up for debate and can be voted on at any moment. As Ugandan politicians work to finalize the the text of the bill, one thing is clear – if passed, it will force lesbian, gay, bi and trans Ugandans into the shadows.  Despite global opposition, some politicians in Uganda refuse to give up the bill and one is even calling for a new regional law, that would send every gay person in Africa to jail – for life.

If this bill passes in Uganda, it wouldn’t just mean tragedy for gay and lesbian Ugandans – it could set off a domino effect across the continent. Will you add your name and ask your friends to sign with you now?

These politicians are using homophobia to distract Ugandans  and the world  from the very real problems they’re supposed to be addressing at home, from corruption to freedom of the media. They’re playing political games with people’s very lives and lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Ugandans will pay a steep price if they win.

With millions of us together, we helped knocked this bill off course once before. Our friends in Uganda need to know we still have their backs.  Sign now and then ask your friends to get on board – there’s no time to lose!

In December 2009, Uganda’s Parliament first considered whether gay people should be executed.  A Ugandan politician had written legislation, the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, after a visit from American evangelists who advocated a programme to cure homosexuality.

As soon as it was put forward, many human rights groups predicted that a government seriously considering the death penalty for gays would result in an open season of lynchings.

In October 2010, a Ugandan newspaper published a diatribe against homosexuals with a picture of Gay Rights Advocate David Kato on the front page under the words: “Hang Them.”

Last year he was beaten to death with a hammer. The police called it a robbery. Mr. Kato’s friends were emphatic: He was killed because he was gay.


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