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Adam Lambert: The Loser That’s Winning At EVERYTHING!

“I’m a little different. My dreidel spins the other way.”


Former ‘American Idol’ contestant Adam Lambert might come across like a strutting, seasoned performer onstage, but in a new interview he admits that even with all of his bravado, he was nervous when he was approached to perform in Freddie Mercury‘s place with the legendary British rock group Queen.

Lambert told Classic Rock magazine that he understood why some fans were skeptical before he even took the stage. “I mean, it’s Freddie Mercury!” he exclaims. “You don’t want to fuck with that. When I got the offer I immediately said yes, and then I hung up the phone and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, how the fuck am I going to do this? This is a big deal.’”

The singer says he was intimidated not only by the sheer scope of Queen’s catalog — part of which was unfamiliar to him — but by the generation gap separating him from Brian May and Roger Taylor. But as they rehearsed and got to know each other better, he started to find his way both musically and socially. “They both said, ‘You and Freddie would have giggled together,’ Lambert recalls. “‘He would have gotten a kick out of you.’ Then I felt accepted.”


For those of you living under a rock (no pun intended) Adam Lambert gained fame in the eighth season of American Idol. His vocal range and theatrical flair made his performances memorable, and he finished second. His first post-Idol album, For Your Entertainment, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart while his current album Trespassing went to No. 1 this year, making him the first openly gay male artists to ever achieve this feat. (Both Elton John and George Michael did so before coming out and have yet to repeat it since).

Promoting his first solo single, Lambert outraged The Parents Television Council by kissing a male bandmate during the American Music Awards.  His response?  “This is a form of discrimination.  If you’re upset, too bad!” Rather than apologize, he charged a double standard for gay men while keeping a smile on his face: when Joy Behar told him, on The View, that he was “not exactly a nice Jewish boy,” he quipped, “I’m a little different. My dreidel spins the other way.”

Since then, he’s gone from strength to strength recently hosting VH1’s Divas, stealing the show with a performance of Madonna’s Ray of Light.

We spoke to superfan Lois Coady about just what makes Glambert so special.  Her answer, like thousands of his other fans, is not surprising:

“I think the American idol runner up Adam Lambert is amazing and a great role model for everyone, especially LGBT people. He’s a role model to me personally because his music helped me come out as a lesbian, which obviously is a lot for me and I love him because he is just excellent, and his music is inspiring.

Listen to ‘Outlaws of Love’ and ‘Aftermath’ and you might know what I mean; how his music is a big inspiration for me and many others if they get past the fact he’s gay, which so many people don’t like him for. I love him for that, otherwise he wouldn’t be the amazing person he is today.”

We couldn’t agree more.








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  1. Adam Lambert is not a “loser”. The only loss he had was on American Idol, We all know that the result was rigged by Kris Allen’s hometown with the help of AT&T Senior Marketing Manager, Matt Jordan, and the local Chick-fil-A. The UCA stadium had about 3,000 attendees who produced 30 million votes by power texting on AT&T provided phones.. Adam did not cry and whine about his loss which is an indication of a true winner in life. ABC overreacted to Lambert’s AMA performance. Milton Berle received over 400,000 complaints about Elvis while Lambert generated only 1,500 complaints. The fact that Adam Lambert is openly gay made him the target during a night of equally vulgar acts. Sure it is discrimination. What will overcome all set backs is the fact that Lambert is the best live performer in the music industry today, with or without Queen.


  2. What was mentioned is that he is inspiring as a person of the gay community.. what needs to be said is that he inspires everyone.. anyone who listens to him whether straight or gay can find an affinity with his music.. his vocal talent is off this planet, his personality and humility is rare in the industry and we HIS NZGT just love him, we HIS Glamberts know that he will be around for a long long time… he will be legendary… I loved Queen and Freddie was my idol and Adam Lambert can not only fill those shoes but make a mark for himself as has already been seen by many…. now if radio would just start playing all that wonderful music instead of concentrating on rubbish I might just listen to radio again.


    1. Raggedy: Adam has many USA fans, not like more popular singers, but many many fans here. Is it satisfying to you when someone is NOT doing well? I want Adam and others to do well and encourage such for their future careers.

      There’s no reward in the failings of people. It does not take away from us when people do well, succeed–it adds to the world. So much meanness, hate, negativeness, envy and ill will in the world today. Sad and scary. And when a person actually WANTS to see another person fail and not do well, or gets satisfaction from that failure, that says volumes about the person wanting these failing for another.

      In our own personal lives, I’m sure most of us would prefer that others wish us well in our careers, in our personal relationships. And not be thrilled or happy to learn if one of us is fired, demoted, dumped by a mate, experiencing death of a loved one or serious illness, going through a divorce, etc.

      Adam and other entertainers or celebrities deserve the same empathy. They too are just trying to make it in this world, as we all are. I wish people would try to focus on the positive, the good in and for this world. There’s already so much evil/hate/meanness in it without our adding more. Consider the negative feelings you target for others can harbor within like a cancer, gradually eating away at the source (you).


  3. He debuted his 2nd cd at #1 but you fail to mention that it is the lowest #1 in a decade and that his total sales in 18 months is less than the first week sales of 198k of his first cd. And the first cd isn’t even a platinum seller.

    This guy has flopped every single thing he released except for the first song and can’t even tour in the USA because he has no fans.


    1. Raggedy – Probably not mentioned because it isn’t true. TobyMac had a 1 album this year with sales of 69,000 for his album. Trespassing had 77,000 in sales. In 2011, Cake had the number 1 album with their album selling 44,000 making it the lowest selling number one in Billboard history, as you can read in the article attached.

      As for a platinum album for FYE, that would depend on whether you count international sales If he hasn’t sold 1,000,000 in the US, he is very close (last I saw for US sales it was 840,000 in April 2012). If you include international sales, he has definitely sold more than 1,000,000 FYE albums altogether. He may not have the coveted platinum plaque in the US yet, but he does in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and gold in Malaysia, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and Sweden. I’m sure Sony/RCA don’t care where they get their money as long as they recoup their expenditures.

      Also, Trespassing came out in May 2012. That makes it 7 months old, not 18.


    2. Wow, you sound like someone living in their mother’s basement who is mad at the world and at anyone who achieves success. Adam Lambert had a great year. The US may be slow to recognize it but Adam Lambert is a growing international star. Lambert’s performances with Queen were epic. South Africa, China, Japan the Ukraine, London and Russia were mesmerized by his talent. He is selling out large venues in minutes. Adam is doing fine. Why don’t you get a life?


      1. This person is really off and the numbers aren’t right either. Adam did have low sales for a #1 but not in 10 years. Don’t forget, they don’t count anything sold out of the US. So we’ll never really know how well he’s done. I guess I should just follow Taylor Swift because she sells so many records. She is not a great singer or performer and average writer and is internationally huge. I don’t get it.


    3. Somebody has their panties in a bunch LMAO Pity you didn’t take the time to actually know what you were talking about before deciding to launch into the usual lame attack on Adam. He has won numerous awards all over the world for several of his singles & his albums – he’s also won humanitarian awards and received critical acclaim for his music and for his live vocal abilities & performance skills. Hardly a flop, in fact, quite the opposite. Next time, think – or at least google – before you write so you don’t end up looking frustrated, angry AND stupid. Cheers!


  4. Kerry you are so right. Elvis got tons of complaints compared to Adam and there were many vulgar acts both on the AMAs and other shows for years especially by woman. But we don’t care if it’s women doing some of the vulgar acts and/or feigning Lesbianism. Women still don’t get enough respect in our society and are treated as less important in my opinion. Anyway, Adam is the best live act I’ve seen and deserves more credit. American music is terrible in my opinion and I just ignore radio. Hopefully Adam will have an American tour either for Trespassing or with Queen. He was great on VH1 Divas….you are right Lauriellen….he owned it.


  5. My dreidel spins in the right direction too and I can tell that Adam Lambert is the voice of 21st century. He is charismatic and amazing performer. To everyone who judge him for his sexual orientation… Well folks you don’t understand a shit about music. Keep the spirit, the smiles and the singing Adam!


  6. Thanks for all of the lovely comments about this blog and for taking time to debate and discuss issues raised. If you have time, please have a browse of the rest of the site and let us know what you think, or follow us on twitter @lgbticons to be kept up to date with news as and when we publish.

    Happy New Year!

    Barry & Joe


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