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The Same Sky, Different Attitudes: Bullied Singer Horse Heads Back Home To Get Married

“It got so bad that one day I was walking and a police patrol car was sitting across the street. The policeman shouted, ‘There’s that lezzie’. I thought, ‘I’m in trouble now. If something happens, who is going to help me?’ I left the town shortly after that.”


MUSIC star Horse McDonald has married her soulmate in a civil partnership – in the same town she fled because of anti-gay bullies.

Horse — real name Sheena — wed Alanna in Lanark, almost a year to the day after they met.

The singer left the town as a teenager because she was picked on for being gay.

And she says the fact that she felt comfortable coming back to exchange vows proves attitudes have changed.

Horse, 54, said: “I am married and I am thrilled to bits. I have had several long-term partners but I just knew Alanna was the one.

“It seems very natural. It is a special thing.

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