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Matt Dallas’s Understated Announcement


On New Years Day, Kyle XY actor Matt Dallas joined the ranks of Hollywood actors to openly come out as gay.  His announcement was subtle and understated, and came with the news of his engagement to his same sex partner via Twitter.  Here’s hoping that his news will go on to serve as a great example of how you can be who you are and still be offered challenging roles.
Perhaps the times are finally changing.  Zach Quinto continues to be offered incredible roles since he came out, as do Jim Parsons, Lily Tomlin, Neil Patrick Harris, Miriam Marolyes, Jeremy Sheffield, Jane Lynch, Tom Lenk, Russel Tovey and many many more.  The list is seemingly endless.
It’s almost incredible that just over 15 years ago, Ellen Degeneres found herself out of work for 3 years after her groundbreaking coming out episode.  Perhaps she started the backlash.
What do you think?

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