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One from our very own Josef Church-Woods. Any excuse to use photos of Madonna at the Superbowl eh?

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So the pope has come out resigned. Could this be the first ever recorded case of divine intervention?

Or has he just finally realised that neither his outfit (Lady Gaga meets Ku Klux Klan) nor his many medieval statements (like ‘homosexuality is worse than the destruction of the rainforest’ or ‘same-sex marriage will be the end of human kind’) are doing anything much to further the catholic cause?

Either way, I can’t say I’ll be shedding any tears.

I hope the next pope is a sexy, young man. Or Madonna. And I hope they decommission that creepy little popemobile – essentially Snow White’s glass coffin on wheels, with a propeller – and replace it with a mode of transportation befitting God’s representative on earth.

I’m thinking a giant mitre-shaped hot air balloon, or a magic crucifix. Perhaps god could take some time off condemning things and carry the pope from…

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