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2013 The Year of the Gay – Let’s not ruin it. Not everyone is a homophobe

“The gay movement is finally at a place where massive progress is being made. It almost feels like 2013 is the Year of the Gay. For better or worse the news is splattered with gay stories. We’re almost legit now. Let’s not spoil a fantastic opportunity by upsetting innocent bystanders”.


Tim Chechlinski in his own words, is a cynical, yet deeply hopeful homosexual male.  He’s also a bit of a honey so follow him on Twitter @timchech

Here he writes for his blog Malicious Comms.

2013 The Year of the Gay – Let’s not ruin it. Not everyone is a homophobe

Some of you may have read about this incident, regarding a young gay couple refused a double bed at a Thistle Hotel in London.

I believe I’ve been treated in a homophobic way.

Is the opinion from the younger of the couple.

Now I have no reason to doubt this chaps claims. Personally I find there’s nothing worse than sharing a bed, but that’s an aside. I would however be mighty pissed off, if my pre-booked room had been cancelled and I was given a room I didn’t book.

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