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Screaming Out of the Closet

“Would the twink in the corner demanding an umbrella in his flirtini have grown out of his conceptually feminine behaviours by the age of ten if he’d been taught the words to Gloria Gaynor’s I Am What I Am instead of Jack and Jill when he was four?  Does it […]

Don’t be gay about this… #nohomo

Very interesting piece from Fuzzycomic about “homophobia” and the semantics of language.  What do think? Don’t be gay about this… #nohomo. A heated discussion started on facebook over the acceptability of using “homophobic” phrases like faggot and so gay after someone posted this website. The site scans the twitter sphere […]

Coming Out

Barry Church-Woods I was one of the lucky ones.  I grew up in  household where we were taught to worry about who people chose to hate, not love.  As such, coming out was a major non-event for me.  I knew my parents would continue to love me, and protect me […]