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Don’t be gay about this… #nohomo

Very interesting piece from Fuzzycomic about “homophobia” and the semantics of language.  What do think?

Don’t be gay about this… #nohomo.

A heated discussion started on facebook over the acceptability of using “homophobic” phrases like faggot and so gay after someone posted this website. The site scans the twitter sphere and tallies the use of words like faggot, so gay, dyke and no homo. I use the word “homophobic” in quotation marks because it is a quote. There is also a live feed updating every second with new tweets showing the context in which the words have been used. The majority of them admittedly are misused by what appear to be illiterate teenagers from America. Most of them seemed to say “RT if you like Bieber, unless u fag [sic]”. Some other uses of the “homophobic” words however were rather innocent such as: “here’s a quote by [Henry van] Dyke”, as well as “I enjoyed the dykes in Holland” and “I might have faggots for tea”. Clearly the meaning of words depends on the context. This last point was lost on some of the members arguing on facebook.

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