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Margaret Cho Takes On Michelle Shocked

“The violence and hopelessness behind the statement keeps me up at night and will haunt me just like the tragic memory of a young gay man who was murdered in front of my family’s bookstore in the 70s”.


Margaret Cho

Well, Michelle Shocked, I am actually totally shocked. What the hell?! It’s freaky to me, the whole business of going from a queer icon to someone who would actually say that God hates us. When the shock wore off, I found people were super angry but I just got scared. I think that as a queer person of color, I have been scared my entire life, and I get over it bit by bit, enough to get by and live, but then something like this happens and it’s like that feeling of getting gay bashed all over again.

When people say that God hates fags, there’s this idea that it’s okay to kill us, it doesn’t matter if we die, because if God hates us, the supposedly one loving force in the world, the one who is supposed to love everyone and everything, the one, the only whatever whenever, if he hates us, then how are we to exist? Also, if he hates us, why did he make so many of us?

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  1. Michelle Shocked does not know what God thinks about anything, because she is only speaking her own opinion and calling it God’s. I’m no great believer in God, but I do know that if one does believe in a greater being/force, then one knows that hatred and God do not belong in the same breath.

    Please, lovely queer person of color, pay no never mind to some silly misguided religious zealot who basically abused her loyal fans by letting rip with oppressive hatred when she should have been singing her heart out to her audience. Really not worth your time or energy, poor deluded thing (MS, not you, MC). x


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