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Michael Griffiths takes us there

“Apparently black and white pictures of a naked Madonna exploring bestiality was taking it all a step too far”.   We’re a little bit in love with Michael Griffiths. Unless you’re in Australia, New Zealand, New York or (soon to be) Edinburgh, there’s a chance you may not know who […]

Global Attitudes

Here’s a fascinating snapshot of general global attitudes to homosexuality taken from a recent survey from the Pew Research Centre.  It hit 39 countries and 37,653 people over  a two month period this Spring.  There’s a few surprises in there, though it also paints a fairly bleak picture for many […]

Shirley Manson on Madonna

“The tabloids complain about her looking old, and people laugh at her for that. Then Madonna goes and fixes her face, and they laugh at her for that. Even thought they begrudgingly say she looks amazing, they’ll still laugh at her for trying to look young. Then she steps out, […]