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#ArtForFreedom – Final Solution

We’re pretty sure we’d be forced to hand our gay cards back tonight if we didn’t take part in Madonna’s ArtForFreedom curation on Twitter.  For those of you living under a rock (or not obsessed with celebrity), Madonna, Steven Klein and Vice are asking for people all over the world to submit creative responses to issues surrounding freedom, and what it means.

Naturally, we’ve drawn from the terrifying situation in Russia right now concerning the LGBT communities as the stimuli for this short piece of creative writing…

If you’re taking part tonight, remember to copy @LGBTicons into the conversation, so we can share the love.

Final Solution

Barry Church-Woods


Hate, lies, censorship, deception,

All in the hands of a government’s protection,

Hoping miracles will bring accelerated corrections,

From this cancer incapable of showing affection.


Pain, fear, homophobia, corruption;

A people’s lethargy that will lead to our destruction,

The culprits we can blame will need no introduction,

They say “we won’t be the victims”, on the basis of assumption.


What we really need’s another velvet revolution,

As we stand upon the shoulders of the next final solution

When edicts from a country cause societal pollution,

And we’re torn apart with broken hearts

From your biblical confusions.


First they came and killed the Jews like they ‘harvested’ the Blacks,

When in time they come for you

Who is going to have your back?


Why We Should Thank Our Lucky Stars For Madonna



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