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Gulf States set to introduce ‘gay’ screenings at airports

Unfortunately, we’re not talking about a special LGBT cinema in Kuwait but the introduction of medical tests in an attempt to “detect” homosexuals trying to enter the Gulf Kingdom, a senior official has announced.


Yousouf Mindkar said routine clinical screenings of expatriates entering Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) such as Kuwait would be introduced at airports. Persons who are identified as LGBT through the tests would then be refused entry into the country.  

Speaking to Al Rai, Mindkar said that whilst health centres already conduct tests to assess the health of those entering Kuwait, they will “take stricter measures that will help us detect gays who will be then barred from entering Kuwait or any of the GCC member states.”

He did not detail exactly what procedures these screenings would involve, but someone’s secret service is definitely getting fired when they find our what Gaydar really is.

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  1. What?!? First of all, how will they test if you identify as a LGBT member? Secondly why would they refuse entering LGBT members? Like they don’t already live in Kuwait or any other GG member state. This is just… stupid.


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