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Atlanta Braves Fans Show True Colours

Always Brave

Yesterday,  the Atlanta Braves joined in GLAAD’s Spirit Day, which asks people to wear purple and change their social media profiles to match to speak out against bullying.  Their short message on Facebook ran alongside similar messages from thousands of sports teams, businesses and celebrities across the world.

While for many, this simple request was met with joy or indifference, a proportion of Atlanta Braves fans took objection at their ‘blatant promotion of perverse behaviours’ and let their hatred out on the team’s message boards.

It’s a real shame and a sign that so much more work needs to be done to combat homophobia in sports and in the home.

Here, Timothy Burke’s Storify captures part of the shameful reaction.


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  1. It’s worth pointing out that the same troll behavior was on display on the New York Yankees page (and many others) as well. Timothy Burke just picked the Braves because it conforms his “those dumb Southern rednecks” stereotype. The Atlanta Braves are one the most popular baseball teams nationally and have fans all over the country thanks to being on TV for years on TBS.


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