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LGBT in Lebanon

Originally posted on Fuzzycomic:
A gay pride flag bearing the cedar tree in the middle of it is carried by human rights activists during an anti-homophobia rally in Beirut on April 30, 2013. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID /Getty Images This article, written to coincide with #LGBTearth day, is about homosexuality in…


The response so far to #LGBTearth has been amazing.  Loads of you have shared the information about how to take part and we’ve been hearing from hundreds of strangers, all getting ready to join in. A common question we’re getting is ‘what do I need to do?’ The answer is […]

LGBTicons Winter Party

Because we love you, and because we know it’s only a matter of time before you’re forced to listen to the Rat Pack singing Christmas carols in your offices, we’re arming you with the perfect ammunition – our first ever LGBTicons playlist. Each month, we’ll compile a playlist of our […]

How Coming Out Saved My Life

“The internet was my best friend and cookies, my worst enemy”. Dhruv is a 22 year old medical student from India who loved Sufjan Stevens. Here he bares all about coming out. Dhruv Hi, I am Dhruv and I am Gay. It feels so nice to say this out loud. […]