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All American Boy – Steve Grand

“This has been my dream, It makes me feel really good that something I created has inspired others, or made them feel a little less alone in the world.”

Steve Grand

Steve-Grand-59-1024x1536We were delighted to see that the groundbreaking Steve Grand made this year’s Out 100 List.

“By 12 I was already set on being a rock star,” says Steve Grand, whose viral hit, “All-American Boy,” turned a classic country music template — falling for the wrong man — into a catchy anthem of gay longing and regret.

Even in America in 2013, finding a record label to support that kind of song is near impossible, which is what makes Grand’s decision to self-release his song on YouTube, complete with a sexy video he paid for with his life savings, so bold. His tastes may be mainstream, but his methods are anything but, demonstrating — if proof were still needed — that the once-mighty labels have been outmaneuvered by technology. For gay musicians everywhere, that can only be a good thing.


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