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“San Francisco, LA, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Washington, Denver, Houston, Seattle, Dallas – all now report cases. It’s cropping up in Paris, London, Germany, Canada. But New York City, our home, the city you are pledged to protect, has over half of everything: half the one thousand cases, half the dead. Two hundred and fifty-six dead. And I know forty of them. And I don’t want to know any more. And you can’t not know any of this! Now – when can we see the mayor? Fourteen months is a long time to be out to lunch!”

Ned Weeks


It’s been 27 years in the making but now it’s finally happening.  Camera’s have been rolling for the past 2 months for the ‘not so big screen’ production of Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve had an almost lifelong love of the incredible play about the rise of the AIDS epidemic in New York and have staged various productions of it over the years.  In the 80’s, Barbra Streisand option the rights of the film and after years and years of negotiations, developments and failed attempts to get the project off the ground everything ground to a halt.

Until Ryan Murphy stepped in.

Yes, the creator of Glee, Nip Tuck and American Horror Story is currently at the helm of the HBO production of The Normal Heart, set to screen in 2014.  And if that’s not enough; check out the amazing cast in the on locations shots below.

nh nh1 nh2 nh3 nh4 nh5 nh7Read The Day Larry Kramer Kissed Me


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