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#LGBTearth – A Digital Pride March – Friday 29 November

Slide1LGBTearth is a social media campaign  aiming to capture the lives and opinions of LGBT people around the world on Friday 29 November 2013.

From 00:01 in Tonga to 00:00 in Attu, is asking LGBT people, as well as their friends, families and colleagues, to take a picture and share it on Twitter or Facebook using the #LGBTearth tag.   The project aims to capture a day in the life of LGBT people and the people who love them.

The initiative has been set up by blogsite, which aims to celebrate the lives of people of achievement in the LGBT community, profile champions of equality, and share information and news that may be of interest.

Founder Barry Church-Woods says of the event:

“We’ve been profiling LGBT people of significant achievement, and sharing news about LGBT communities globally, for over a year now and the more we research and write, the more depressing it gets.  Coming from a position of privilege as an out gay man in the UK, it struck me that so many people are still being oppressed across the world.  You need only look at the situations in Uganda, Russia and Malaysia today to realise how far behind we are, as a planet, in realising basic human rights.  As such, I’m hoping that LGBTearth will offer a great showcase of exceptional people all over the world.  A digital pride so to speak.

Over the past two years I’ve been really impressed with The Advocate’s ‘A day in LGBT America’ campaign, though it’s definitely missing the global reach.  That’s what I hope LGBTearth will achieve.”

Taking part in LGBTearth is simple.  Any time during November 29th participants are asked to share a photograph or thought, using the #LGBTearth tag on Twitter or Facebook.  The results will be pulled together in a gallery, celebrating life and love across the LGBT spectrum.

So be it a gym selfie, a family portrait, or a point of view of your desk, share just one moment in time from Friday 29 November 2013.

Help spread the word with the downloadable images to share here.


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