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The response so far to #LGBTearth has been amazing.  Loads of you have shared the information about how to take part and we’ve been hearing from hundreds of strangers, all getting ready to join in.

A common question we’re getting is ‘what do I need to do?’

The answer is that you can do anything you’d like.  In order to collectively gather attention, it’s really useful if we all use the hash tag #LGBTearth on Twitter and Facebook when posting messages or images.  This means we’ll all have a way of seeing what each other is doing, and more importantly, we’ll have tracks to follow to evaluate the event.

We’re going to be posting messages with images all day on Friday.  These will be portraits of our families, friends and colleagues and we’ll be using the hashtag.  We might even throw in a location.

‘I support LGBT equality from Edinburgh, Scotland for #LGBTearth’.

Some of our friends that are shy or already feeling self-conscious about the ‘holiday weight’ are going to post messages using the hash tag with photo’s of the view from their windows.  Others are already posing with signs and friends with their own personal messages.

Whatever you choose to do, it’s much appreciated and we’re sure this can be the start of something wonderful.

Shine on, and we hope to see your images on Friday.



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