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LGBT in Lebanon


This article, written to coincide with #LGBTearth day, is about homosexuality in Lebanon, its legal status and the consequences because homosexuality in the Middle East isn’t discussed often, neither by the West nor the Arab world. Most people roughly know that the Middle East generally frowns upon women’s rights, the rights of immigrant workers and LGBT members. In some countries, like Saudi Arabia, a conviction of homosexuality can lead to the death penalty. Thankfully Lebanon, which has always excelled in human rights issues over its Arab counterparts, boasts not only to be the only democracy in the arab world, but also a decent penal code for homosexuality. You only get to go prison for a year! Phew eh?

Actually homosexuality is not technically illegal (nor is prostitution), however, according to penal code 534 “any sexual intercourse contrary to the order of nature” is illegal. This is why if you’re…

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