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An Appeal from Andre Banks, Executive Director, All Out

Andre Banks

This might be the most important email I write this year. It’s about the movement we’re building – and how we can change the world together.


When we had a crazy dream to start this global movement for love and equality, Jeremy and I got some big charitable foundations to help us get started.

We decided back then that All Out had to stay independent. We could never be funded by corporations or governments, who might one day try to buy our silence.

All Out is about all of us. We believed then that our power comes from working together and supporting each other to make the dream of All Out a reality. Over the last 3 years this incredible community has proven us right every single time.

Now, those early start-up funds are starting to wind down. This is exactly what we planned, and it presents one of our biggest challenges yet.

To take the first important step to becoming 100% self-funded, we need 1,000 people to become All Out “sustainers” before midnight Dec 31 – by signing up to give a small, monthly donation.

Sustainers are so critical to keep All Out powerful and growing. Can you be one of the amazing, strong-hearted people who’re going to make this crazy dream come true?

Click here to get started:

All Out has just 12 staff across the world, using technology to mobilise millions at critical moments. That makes us super efficient – no layers of bureaucracy means your donation will go a very long way.

In fact, if just 9,000 out of 1.9 million All Out members gave a weekly donation of $3.50, All Out could be totally self-funded right now. That’s about £2, 2.50 euros, or 8 Brazilian Real a week, maybe the price of a cup of coffee!

All Out’s getting bigger every day. Our dreams are big too – a world where no one has to sacrifice their family, freedom, safety or dignity because of who they are or who they love.

But to make it happen, the All Out office team needs to still be here – monitoring the news, making calls to partner organisations across the world, and writing calls to action that unleash the power of this amazing community.

If you can, please become an All Out sustainer:

Sometimes it still feels so far away – a world where no country has laws that destroy people’s love or lives, instead of the world we have now, where 76 countries still make it a crime to be gay. A world without gay ‘cure’ clinics, where young people are imprisoned and beaten. A world where Russia’s anti-gay law is a distant memory.

But it also seemed like a far-off dream when Jeremy and I imagined there might be millions of people around the world who would join us. But it’s happening – there are now nearly 2 million of us, and we’re all over the internet, the media, the WORLD – and out in the streets in thousands.

We’ve been saying it a lot around here lately – love always wins. I truly believe it. If you believe it too, please help us win. Right now, you could do something small, simple but incredibly powerful – could you please become an All Out sustainer by giving a small, monthly donation?

Thank you for everything you do,

Andre Banks
Executive Director, All Out

PS: Just in case you’re mulling it over, here’s 8 more reasons to donate to All Out:

Reason 1 – What we do works
All Out’s a little bit like a service. The office team brings all 1.9 million of us the latest news on what’s happening around the world. We consult local activists and experts, then plan the quickest, best ways we can all join in to help change things. Lots of us subscribe to great internet services like Spotify and Netflix for a few dollars, pounds or euros a month. Become an All Out sustainer – give a small, regular donation for love and equality.

“I feel like I can be part of a change. I feel like my voice can be heard and it’s 100,000 times louder as it echoes with the voices of every other person fighting for the same reason.” Eva, All Out member from Greece

Reason 2 – What we’re building is beautiful and world-changing
All Out is much more than just a service. We’re building a huge and powerful community that fights to change a world where people are locked up for who they love, or are frightened to go on a date because skinhead thugs could be waiting. Our growing power comes from all of us working together. That’s the only way to build the world we want to see. Click to donate.

“I love how many people there are in All Out. With the numbers that we have, we can move mountains.” George, All Out member from USA

Reason 3 – We’re fiscally responsible and audited annually
We know that making a donation is an act of hope and trust. Every member of the All Out team is personally committed to making every donation go as far as it can, every single penny used for good. For extra reassurance, All Out is audited annually to ensure we meet our obligations as a US-registered non-profit. And every year we’ve returned a clean financial bill of health.

Reason 4 – An All Out donation is an investment with permanent returns for love and equality
Donations to All Out fund high impact campaigns that also bring in more people as All Out members. More people mean more donations, and more impact. So your donation doesn’t just help one campaign or action, it helps grow an ever-expanding community that will multiply your donation many times over.

Click here to become an All Out sustainer

Reason 5 – We have an outstanding, super-dedicated team
It’s not easy to do campaigning and social change effectively. It takes real brains, guts and the ability to listen as well as talk. Everyone on the global All Out team is there because they are proven, outstanding campaigners. They’ve started businesses, worked in the public and private sectors, and have an impressive track record of key victories standing up for other causes like the environment, women’s rights and racial justice.

Reason 6 – All Out is extraordinary value for money
We keep our costs super low so that we can maximize the impact of every donation. We know that every penny counts, so we keep our team and overhead as low as we possibly can. We rent desks from other organisations, so there’s no million-dollar building or fancy perks, and there are no layers of bureaucracy to eat up resources.

Reason 7 – There’s no other organisation like All Out
All Out is unique in what we’re trying to do and how we’re trying to do it. We want to build a world where no one has to sacrifice their family or freedom because of who they are or who they love. We’re harnessing the collective power of millions to do it…our time, our ideas, a few of our dollars, our belief in the power of people and love to overcome hatred and fear.

“I don’t know of an organisation like it, it’s unapologetic and all about love and kindness.” Alice, All Out member from UK.  Keep this unique dream alive.

Reason 8 – We’ve achieved a lot together and we want to do twice as much in 2014

January 2011 – Helped stop the deportation of out lesbian Brenda Namgidadde back to Uganda.

February 2012 – We worked with RSFL in Sweden to change a Swedish law that required trans people to be sterilized in order to legally change gender.

May 2012 – All Out members raised $60,000 in emergency funds to make it possible for the Iraqi Refugee Assistance Project to help 13 Iraqis suspected of being gay. With these funds they were able to flee the country and safely relocate, free from attacks by militias and, in some cases, their own families.

Will you make a monthly donation to All Out?

June 2012 – We joined with local activists to push the government of Ecuador to start shutting down 200 gay ‘cure’ torture clinics.

September 2012 – We launched a campaign to free Roger, who was jailed for texting “i’m very much in love w/u” to another man in Cameroon. Roger’s is one of many tragic stories in a country where LGBT people are languishing in prisons just for being who they are. But, together we drew global attention to his case, causing governments with influence in Cameroon, like France and the UK, to respond. Working with Roger, we even got President Biya to tell the world “spirits are shifting” in Cameroon.

Dec 2012 – Uganda’s ‘Kill the Gays’ bill stalled in parliament after pressure from a broad spectrum of governments and organisations, including over half a million All Out members speaking out.

March 2013 – We built the largest online campaign for marriage for all in France, and played a decisive role in the victory! All Out got an invite to the first wedding 🙂

June 2013 – We forced Apple, one of the world’s most profitable companies, to drop a dangerous gay ‘cure’ app from their online stores. We also opened up some intense debate in Google about their policy regarding these apps, and we’re figuring out the strategic moment to push them to drop the app.

February 2012 to now – Russia: we pushed the Olympic Committee to finally recognise LGBT people are covered by their own anti-discrimination principles, got David Cameron to raise the issue with President Putin personally, and have spread the world to millions across the world with high-profile gatherings in 21 countries and a video that went viral. Next year – we’ll do everything we can to build the pressure until the law is overturned for good.

Help us get to 1,000 sustainers by midnight, 31 Dec

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