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Bigots respond to the weddings at the Grammys while sharing four teeth and a spit jar

Of course it was brilliant.  Of course my wedding now seems shit because Madonna didn’t come out dressed as Colonel Sanders singing Open Your Heart when we exchanged rings. Of course it pissed off a lot of people.

Once you get past the usual derogatory vile on the net about Madonna being too old, Mary being too fat and Macklemore being too white, what you are left with is a snapshot of just how far we still need to travel equality wise.

So many people missed the fundamental message of the song and the weddings – until we are all equal, none of us are.

Still, there are a lot of people who like us thought it was amazing!


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  1. I stopped reading those horrible tweets well before the end, but Logan Kearns, who has that odd font for his name, might be interested to know that in Cyrillic the N the other way round is an “i” sound. So his handle is actually Logai Kearis. Ceris (hard C) is a Welsh female name.


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