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#WoopWoop for Russia’s #LGBTearth

Woop Woop

By Michael Burge

IT might be on the other side of the world, but Russia is not off the radar for Australians who believe in human rights.

And with the planet watching during the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, now is the time to show you care, by using the social media to shout loudly into the anticipated awkward silence on Russia’s ‘thing’ about gay rights.

On Friday, February 7, the same day as the games’ opening ceremony, UK-based website LGBTICONS is asking tweeps to do something very simple – take a photo and use the hashtag #LGBTearth.

Even if you’re not on Twitter, sharing this with your Facebook friends will help bring hope to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender social media users in a country where there’s been a marked rise in homophobic violence and a decrease in the protection LGBT are able to access from authorities.

Why? Because Russia…

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