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Guinness, Heineken and Sam Adams – Thank You!

the-saint-patrick39s-day-parade3We’re playing catch up this week after a gruelling trip down under to check out some artists at the Adelaide Fringe. A lot has happened in the past ten days but today, we’re choosing to celebrate a massive corporate brand for doing what we all hoped Coca Cola would do in Russia.

This week, Guinness dropped its sponsorship of New York’s St Patrick’s Day march after organisers refused to allow groups marching in the parade carrying pro-gay signs.

The beer-maker announced its descision after gay groups threatened to dump its product from the shelves of the Stonewall Inn, the birthplace of the gay rights movement.

Guinness is not alone in boycotting the annual event.

Other beer companies joined the boycotts earlier, with Sam Adams withdrawing its sponsorship of Boston’s parade and Heineken following suit in New York.

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio also became the first mayor in decades to sit out the traditional march yesterday and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh didn’t march in his city’s parade on Sunday, either, after talks broke down that would have allowed a gay group to march.

It takes a lot a balls to give the opportunity to sell the shit out of your product up. Particularly when the brand is so obviously suited to the event.  We hope that companies all over the world take a moment today to reflect on the positive press association from this very simple action of solidarity with the LGBT community, and see that going against the bigotries of society can make a massive difference.



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