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Call for submissions

We’d love to get more submissions for and we’re particularly keen to get them from artists or performers with shows/events to sell or other bloggers.  Writing for LGBTicons is a great way to raise your online profile as we have over 42,ooo subscribers and followers. If you’re up for it, then […]

Oh Boy…

A longtime member of the Boy Scouts who was accidentally outed as gay on Facebook lost out on a coveted summer job with the organization because of the social media mistake. Garrett Bryant, 19, was looking forward to a leadership position in Arizona when he was told last month that […]

Mary Lambert’s Body Love

We love love love Mary Lambert (even more so now that this video has just been released) Dig into the glorious Body Love (part 1 & 2) Over 42,700 people currently follow LGBTicons by subscribing for free, ‘liking’ us on Facebook or joining the conversation on Twitter @LGBTicons

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Barry Church-Woods I use the word kismet far too much for someone who is only a little bit Arabic in the face. I guess beshert would be a better fit for my cultural sensibilities, though again, I’ve never been to temple. Either way; you catch my drift. I live in […]