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Kylie – Kiss Me Once

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kylie-kiss-me-once-620Image: Roc Nation

They say to never meet your idols but I got to do just that when I was lucky enough to go to a one off gig in London to see Kylie Minogue, up close and personal.

This was actually some time ago on the eve of her album release but now, finally, I have the time to write about it.

I made my way to the beautiful Bloomsbury Ballroom venue around 2pm, expecting a mass of people on arrival. But when I arrived there was only a small quad of  hardcore fans who like me were hoping to be first in line to meet the pop princess herself. It took a while for me to ingratiate myself  with them as they were hardcore fans who definitely knew their Kylie Limited Edition Tour T-Shirts from their Kylie Japanese CD Imports. I just buy all the albums, so maybe I am not as big a “lover” (Minogue’s…

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