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In Search of Seroconversion

“I think to contract HIV would be the ultimate rebellious act for me, and would be two fingers up to my parents”.

1558466_275702939245968_454194400_nIn Search of Seroconversion

Publishing on this Thursday

Barry Church-Woods

I’m a little bit depressed today. I’ve created a new content plan for to offer some consistency for readership. There will be supplementary content on social media and re-blogs of stuff I find interesting, but it pretty much goes like this:


• Monday: News
• Tuesday: Profile
• Wednesday: Midweek Guilty Pleasure
• Thursday: Guest blogger
• Friday: Journalism
• Saturday : Inspirational content
• Sunday: Rest
• Rinse/Repeat


So far it’s been great, though this week I’m wading into the proper journalism pledge. The bit where I have to find a subject that interests me and address it through real grown up research, sourcing interviewees and exploring all sides to a story. I decided that this month, I’d look at the changing face of HIV and AIDS in the western world in the run up to HBO’s broadcast of The Normal Heart.

As a child of the 80s, AIDS was absolutely a death sentence. Something to be avoided at all costs with a social stigma akin to paedophilia or committing genocide. In the past 10 years with the rise of antiretroviral drugs things have changed. They say people aren’t dying now. They say that AIDS is now a chronic disease, not a fatal one. And because of that, people aren’t looking after them-selves.

But people are wrong.

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