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What Was That Sound? Another Nail In The Coffin of Freedom of Speech

compulsive truth

April 11, 2014:

The story is that two high school kids wore anti-gay Ts on the day commemorating LGBT Day of Silence, which is about how mainstream culturesilences LGBT youth by bullying and harassment. This day marked the end of “Unity Week.”

According to the KATU-TV news video, the kid with the grayed out face said that only “one teacher asked me to flip it out,” but a school admin, who is not shown in the video, allegedly stated that the school is trying to stop the anti-gay boys from wearing the really badly designed and printed T-shirts. (Gay boys would have made those shirts fabulous.)

An anti-anti-gay blogger wrote, “You, as an You, as an evangelical Christian in America, have 364 other fucking days,” meaning that let’s give baby fags and dykes one fucking day for themselves, which is also known as tokenism.

Additionally, one of the…

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