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Polly Letson introduces the Iona Adair Scottish Mysteries

PauliePolly Letson lives in Edinburgh, where she spends her time with her 5 vampire dogs (that’s cats to you and me), discovering fine purveyors of cake and exploring Scotland’s most ancient and haunted sites.

She claims to be clinically addicted to tea (Breakfast, not Earl Grey) and ginger biscuits and is never happier than when she’s writing. Although, that does mean she often forgets to eat or sleep.

Her series of digital books the Iona Adair Scottish Mysteries are out now and we’re having a great time digging in.

About the first book Studies of Beasties

Iona Adair thought she had a simple life, with her job, draughty flat and her sweet, black and white cat. But when you are moonlighting for a secret organisation aiming to destroy all evidence of the paranormal, whilst working as a parapsychologist at the world renowned Diederich Institute of Parapsychology, things are bound to get complicated. Throw into that mix an uncanny ability for mind control, her baffling spirit guide, a fake clairvoyant mother, as well as some naked dead bodies, and mayhem ensues.

Iona is forced out of the safe world of Edinburgh academia by her new Texan boss and is suddenly in the field, exploring a small Scottish town that believes the Beast of Badnoch is behind the spate of recent disappearances.

Will her dishy colleague Andy find out that the psychic he’s investigating is her mother? And will that change how he feels about her?

beastiesIn this, the first of the Iona Adair Scottish Mysteries, Iona finds out that the supernatural world is far more dangerous and expansive than she could possibly imagine, even if it does have some very charming characters, like blood drinking Henry, a bonafide ancient techno-geek.

The supernatural world has never been funnier, sexier or more tartan.

We’re quick becoming fans, and hope to bring you an interview with the author in the coming weeks.

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