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Adam Lambert: The Loser That’s Winning At EVERYTHING!

“I’m a little different. My dreidel spins the other way.”

header_bg_slider4_adamlambert_pr10802_v2Former ‘American Idol’ contestant Adam Lambert might come across like a strutting, seasoned performer onstage, but in a new interview he admits that even with all of his bravado, he was nervous when he was approached to perform in Freddie Mercury‘s place with the legendary British rock group Queen.

Lambert told Classic Rock magazine that he understood why some fans were skeptical before he even took the stage. “I mean, it’s Freddie Mercury!” he exclaims. “You don’t want to fuck with that. When I got the offer I immediately said yes, and then I hung up the phone and thought, ‘Oh my gosh, how the fuck am I going to do this? This is a big deal.’”

The singer says he was intimidated not only by the sheer scope of Queen’s catalog — part of which was unfamiliar to him — but by the generation gap separating him from Brian May and Roger Taylor. But as they rehearsed and got to know each other better, he started to find his way both musically and socially. “They both said, ‘You and Freddie would have giggled together,’ Lambert recalls. “‘He would have gotten a kick out of you.’ Then I felt accepted.”


For those of you living under a rock (no pun intended) Adam Lambert gained fame in the eighth season of American Idol. His vocal range and theatrical flair made his performances memorable, and he finished second. His first post-Idol album, For Your Entertainment, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart while his current album Trespassing went to No. 1 this year, making him the first openly gay male artists to ever achieve this feat. (Both Elton John and George Michael did so before coming out and have yet to repeat it since).

Promoting his first solo single, Lambert outraged The Parents Television Council by kissing a male bandmate during the American Music Awards.  His response?  “This is a form of discrimination.  If you’re upset, too bad!” Rather than apologize, he charged a double standard for gay men while keeping a smile on his face: when Joy Behar told him, on The View, that he was “not exactly a nice Jewish boy,” he quipped, “I’m a little different. My dreidel spins the other way.”

Since then, he’s gone from strength to strength recently hosting VH1’s Divas, stealing the show with a performance of Madonna’s Ray of Light.

We spoke to superfan Lois Coady about just what makes Glambert so special.  Her answer, like thousands of his other fans, is not surprising:

“I think the American idol runner up Adam Lambert is amazing and a great role model for everyone, especially LGBT people. He’s a role model to me personally because his music helped me come out as a lesbian, which obviously is a lot for me and I love him because he is just excellent, and his music is inspiring.

Listen to ‘Outlaws of Love’ and ‘Aftermath’ and you might know what I mean; how his music is a big inspiration for me and many others if they get past the fact he’s gay, which so many people don’t like him for. I love him for that, otherwise he wouldn’t be the amazing person he is today.”

We couldn’t agree more.








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6 replies

  1. And now he is going on a national tour with Queen. Looking forward to seeing them perform together in July. Your article is on the mark. He is an incredible human being and has enormous talent which can’t be denied. Don’t know why he was not on Out’s Power list for 2014. I mean he has won awards from the LGBT community, has performed at many benefits, hosted Gay Pride events, wrote the beautiful “Outlaws of Love” which was used in the Bridegroom movie, and like your article says, has been a role model to many. Obviously Out’s omission.


  2. And now Lambert will be on a national tour with Queen this summer. Looking forward to seeing them perform together in July. Your article is right on the mark. I was shocked he was left off of Out’s 2014 Power List. He is an incredible human being and has iconic talent. I mean the guy has received awards for his activism from the LGBT community, has performed at numerous fundraisers, hosted several Gay Pride events, donated his “Outlaws of Love” song to the movie “Bridegroom”, and like your article says, has impacted the lives of many. I see their messages all the time on Facebook and Twitter. Obviously it was an omission on Out’s part.


  3. To call Adam “a loser” is wrong..he was so far ahead of the game on American Idol…everyone, everywhere knows the cheating scandal that went on that year with AT&T and that Arkansas group’s contestant was nothing but underhanded. Proof being THAT guy never made it and has less than 300,000 followers on twitter. I mean. WHO voted for him on Idol then? Yeah. that’s right.. bigtime scandal. Adam Lambert is amazing and it was obvious from Day 1 he would be a legend. He’s mega-talented, super gorgeous. kind-hearted and so charming it could kill you. In other words he’s pretty much perfect … yeah.. he’s perfect ..
    I mean…he’s the lead singer for Queen……that says it all…………..GO ADAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I do not think that Adam was ever a loser as your title states. Everyone knows that Adam would have won American Idol except for the millions of AT&T assisted votes in Kris Allen’s hometown, Conway Arkansas. The gay community should have stood up back then when a gay artist was cheated out of a title that he won with his incomparable vocals and stage presence. American Idol knew that over 38 million power text votes came from Arkansas. Funny how both times a gay man should have won, Adam and Clay, who were both more talented and popular and sold more albums than the winner, American Idol went with the straight guy. Idol is being sued for racial discrimination because they treated black men with criminal histories differently than they treated white men with criminal histories. It seems like they are bigots and homophobic. In spite of his unfair loss, his record label who did not support him and radio stations that would not play his music Adam Lambert is a winner in every way.


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