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rightbanner1Last week, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe programme launched to much fanfare as the festival set yet more records with 11% growth meaning 2014 will see 49,497 performances of 3,193 shows in 299 venues across Scotland’s capital city, making it the biggest ever in the history of the Fringe.

There are literally hundreds of shows that have piqued our interest, from the return of the gorgeous Michael Griffiths and our very own guest blogger Dandy Darkly, to Andy Bell’s decision to launch his new song cycle Torsten the Bareback Saint here.

We’ll explore these in more depth in the coming weeks, but in the meantime the thing that’s really getting LGBTicons’ pants tingling is Outings, a brand new show by Thomas Hescott and Matthew Baldwin, directed by Tony Award winner David Grindley and produced by the marvelous Seabright Productions.

The production is said to be inspired by a few high profile coming out stories this past couple of years, from Tom Daley and Ellen Page to Ricky Martin and MBA star Jason Collins.

And what’s more, they want to hear about your experiences.

Indeed the development of this show will be based around interviews and submissions from gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women from around the world, exploring how and when they came out, and how it impacted on their lives.

The show has a core cast of 4 with guest appearances on a daily basis.

We can’t wait see how it all pans out.

Stories can be submitted via and tickets can be bought here via

In the meantime, if you need inspiration, why not check out some of our own coming our experiences:

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