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An appeal from All Out

Tomorrow in Spain, a dangerous book is launching that teaches parents how to “cure” their children of being gay – and some of the main bookstores in the country, like Amazon, El Corte Inglés and La Casa del Libro, are selling it.

allout_image_6209_fullThese stores have policies prohibiting products that promote discrimination. But instead, they’re making money from spreading dangerous “treatments” that could lead so many young people to self-destructive behaviour and even suicide.

Can you tell Spanish bookstores that selling gay “cure” books is bad business? Once they take them off their shelves, it will be much harder for anti-gay groups to spread and fund their hate in Spain.

Please sign here to join in:

Quack doctors and religious extremists all over the world are using fake “therapy” to teach gay people to hate themselves. With no science to back them up, these sessions are much closer to fanatical exorcisms than any kind of clinical therapy.

Now they’re coming for Spain: the author of the book – an American “therapist” named Richard Cohen – has just held a “gay cure” seminar in Madrid and is ready to launch his book on another session starting this Friday.

Will you join in before the event starts on Friday? Please sign here:

All Out members are known for standing against gay “cures” all over the world. Together, we successfully got governments in Argentina, Ecuador, and France to speak out against these practices. And when 155,000 of us called on Apple and Google to pull a gay “cure” app, we won over Apple in less than 24 hours.

And we’re not alone: thanks to a campaign from our friends at Colegas, the hotel where Richard Cohen was holding his event has turned them down, forcing them to find a new location – which they kept secret until the very last minute in order to avoid the public outcry.

We can take the pressure to the next level: we can hold three major companies – Amazon, El Corte Inglés and La Casa del Libro – accountable for their own rules, and get gay “cure” off the bookshelves in Spain. Sign here:

Thank you for going All Out.

Andre, Guillaume, Leandro, Pablo, Sara, and the rest of the All Out team.


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  1. I signed it without even thinking twice, the man is a fraud and is emotionally harming a lot of young men and men out there.


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