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Madonna: True Blue

28 years ago today Madonna released her third studio album True Blue.

madonna___true_blue_by_smoothdog2000-d42ccs4Spawning 5 massive hit singles , the album including Papa Don’t Preach, Open Your Heart, Live to Tell, La Isla Bonita, Where’s the Party? and the title track went on to shift over 25 million copies and created some of her madgesty’s most iconic performances.

Here’s just one of them:

Above image by SmoothDog


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    1. Am I write in thinking that it was this album for which Madonna started being her own producer? I recall something about ‘La Isla Bonita’ being the first single she produced for herself, or something. It was a milestone of sorts for her in some ‘behind the scenes’ way.


      1. I’ve not been able to find anything referencing this online, though I am currently aghast to find that the Billboard review of the LP in ’86 completely ignored the fact that La Isla Bonita and Open Your Heart existed.

        Also, how’s this for pop trivia? Shoo Bee Doo is the only published completely self penned song by Madonna in her 30 year career.

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