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Even though it was John Barrowman…

Last week, John Barrowman caused a bit of a kerfuffle. In opening the Glasgow2014 Commonwealth Games, he instigated the first ever same-sex kiss at such a ceremony; in a nod to Scotland’s progressive stance on equality. The significance of this act shouldn’t be played down. 80% of commonwealth territories still […]

LGBTicons Rewind: A Gay in the Life

Today started with my husband telling me he loves me, immediately followed by: “eurgh…that felt like being raped in the mouth from the inside”. Thankfully he was talking about a fish-supper-hangover-burp that I hadn’t heard. Still, it framed my day for a serious of complicated misunderstandings and a few comedies […]

Top 10 Coming Out Essays

We at LGBTicons and our guests have written our fair share of articles on coming out since we started.  Whether opinion pieces about Jodie Foster, Ian Thorpe and Tom Daley, or confessionals about our own experiences, one thing has stayed consistent. These messages of hope for the future remain some […]

Dating, Mating and Copulating.

Barry Church-Woods looks into the seedier side of online dating in this NSFW blog for LGBTicons. I used to be a serial monogamist. Until I wasn’t. In the first twelve years of my adult life I had 5, what I used to consider long-term relationships. The first was a secret […]