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Top 10 Coming Out Essays

We at LGBTicons and our guests have written our fair share of articles on coming out since we started.  Whether opinion pieces about Jodie Foster, Ian Thorpe and Tom Daley, or confessionals about our own experiences, one thing has stayed consistent. These messages of hope for the future remain some of our most read blogs published on this site.


On the back of yet another high profile public name coming out this week (Ian Thorpe), we decided it was time to revisit some of these pieces.

Some are sweet and short, and others are fairly weighty, so you might want to consider bookmarking this so you can return on your lunch break.

So here they are:

1: Silence of the Gays

Josef Church-Woods responds to Jodie Foster’s speech at the Golden Globes in this Freshly Pressed blog that gave LGBTicons it biggest single day readership with over 40,000 hits.

2: Why Ian Thorpe Didn’t Just Dive In And Come Out

Michael Burge’s examination of Ian Thorpe’s coming out journey, looking at the climate for equalities in the 1990’s when he first shot to fame.

3: Wentworth Miller Declines Russian Film Festival Invitation

The Prison Break actor puts to bed years of speculation with a short but very public response to an invitation to a Russian Film Festival while also bringing the country’s appalling human rights record to the fore.

4: Screaming Out of the Closet

Barry Church-Woods addresses why some people prefer to be shot out of a glitter cannon over quietly stepping out of the closet.

5: Coming Out Saved My Life

Dhruv gives us the Indian perspective of living as a gay man in Mumbai.

6: Why We Need To Celebrate Our Icons

Barry Church-Woods looks at the gay community’s response to Tom Daley’s big announcement.

7: Coming Out

A collection of notorious coming out stories, real life and fiction.

8: Footsteps and Witnesses

Celebrating the 2oth anniversary of the Scottish book.

9: Football Star Robbie Rogers Comes Out

Robbie Rogers’ Open Letter

10: Brad Thorson Seeing Through The Fog

Former NFL player comes out.

We hope you enjoyed these, and as ever we’d love you to help spread the message by sharing our content.




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