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Are You the Grace to My Will?

Fat & Gay


The Answer is Yes 

Besides the fact that Vampires definitely do sparkle there was one other thing Twilight definitely hit the nail on the head with and thats the concept of Imprinting. Imprinting is very commonly found in the “gay world” when a gay meets his future partner in crime — the Straight Female Friend (SFF). When a gay meets the only girl he will ever love more than himself the bond is unbreakable and they are hooked for life. It’s truly and incredible experience shared between laughter, gossip, lots of Pino Grig and usually caps of with an Instagram post with a caption how’d make it this far without this bitch by my side or something along those lines. As a GBF myself I know what I need to do to fulfill my requirements to earn my gold star for the day from my SFF but what is never…

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