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Is it really harder for gay sportsmen to come out?

Rugby international Gareth Thomas struggled to come to terms with his sexuality, but it can be just as difficult for everyone else, writes Patrick McAleenan for the Telegraph


You could say I am making a career out of being gay as I have written several pieces for the Telegraph on gay-related topics. However, I do other things besides this that are completely disconnected from my sexuality. Some people, though, seem to be able to make a good living out of being gay.

I’ve written before about the impact of sportsmen coming out, the headlines it creates, the discussion it generates and inevitable questions about why they waited so long, and why such stories are still deemed newsworthy. Their “coming out” interviews are usually filled with dramatic anecdotes of how they were afraid their families, fans and team mates might not accept them.

I say bravo to each and every one of these men for having the courage to speak up, but let’s be clear: coming out is not easy for any gay man, famous or not. Reading an interview in the Times at the weekend with former rugby union star Gareth Thomas, you might be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Read the whole article here.

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