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Scotland: A triumph of democracy either way

yesnoSomething wonderful is happening in Scotland tomorrow. As referendum fever kicks in, a nation will decide its future. Whether the electorate opt to leave the United Kingdom or to stay, one thing is for sure; they will turn out in their masses.

In what can only be described as an unprecedented surge of democratic fever, a record number of people have registered to vote in the Scottish independence referendum. According to the Guardian newspaper and the BBC, 97% of the adult population are now ready to take part in tomorrow’s vote.

A total of 4,285,323 going to ballot makes this the largest electorate the country has ever known for any election or referendum. The figures were announced by the chief counting officer for the referendum, Mary Pitcaithly.

The figure includes 118,640 voters who have registered in the last month alone, as well as 789,024 postal voters. It marks an increase of over 300,000 since the last Westminster election in 2012 and includes 16- and 17-year-olds who have had the vote extended to them for the first time.

So going it alone, or better together, Scotland is already winning in it’s hopes for a more robust and representative democracy.

We’d love to hear your hopes and aspirations for Scotland’s future, so please leave them in the comments below.


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  1. The positive campaigning by the large majority of people out there (on both sides) has filled me with hope. Yes or no – I am clear from my circle of friends, that there is not much that divides them in terms of hope for the future. Right now the difference is in which way they believe is the best way to get there (if only we had the benefit of a Sliding Doors moment). I hope that no matter what the outcome we can harness the positive, constructive passion that I have seen on both sides comes – to bring everyone back together to fight for social justice at home, but also globally.


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