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Brooklyn based queer rap artist, THE POPINJAY (aka Fancyboy) has just released the music video for new tracks Superman Glasses and Kill The Straights and we at LGBTicons are absolutely smitten with him. In the clip, The Popinjay rallies his followers to join him and “KILL THE STRAIGHTS”. Titilating satire? Or […]

Hot. Gay. Single. Fireman.

Neil Pearson (our resident gay fireman) wonders why he isn’t getting any as he approaches the third anniversary of his last date. It’s not all a bed of roses being a gay fireman, you know. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my job. No two days are the same, […]

Shirley Manson tells it like it is

Casually picking up a woman’s magazine at the doctors office can be so disheartening these days. Discouraging and devastating even. It seems the more vacant you are the better. The more superficial you are, the more you are hero worshipped. The more time you spend shopping or sitting in the […]