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Shirley Manson tells it like it is

shirleymanson_olsenCasually picking up a woman’s magazine at the doctors office can be so disheartening these days.

Discouraging and devastating even.

It seems the more vacant you are the better.

The more superficial you are, the more you are hero worshipped.

The more time you spend shopping or sitting in the front row at fashion week, pouting or taking selfies, the more attention you attract.

The more tits and ass you show off, the more you are hailed as an “icon”.

The media it seems WANTS to see us at our weakest,our most vulnerable version of ourselves.
When we show off just how desperate we are for physical approval, then we are bestowed the highest of honors.

Even designer Stella McCartney recently stated “Strength on its own in a woman is quite aggressive and not terribly attractive all the time.”

WTF !??!?!

Speaking from an entirely personal standpoint I would just like to state for the record ( and for my niece, my goddaughter and all the other young girls who I happen to love and wish to protect from this insidious, condescending and disempowering culture) that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is NOT scared, who refuses to be cowed by societal expectations, who is not wasting the duration of her short , sweet life trying to uphold the ludicrously futile , impossible to achieve illusion that she is effortlessly sexy and ever youthful..

Fuck. That . Shit.

Being strong is beautiful. It is empowering. It is enduring.

Don’t believe anyone who ever tells you otherwise.


For they are fools.

Or liars.

Shirley Manson


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