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The Terrible Twos – Madonna and Jane Pauley

todayThat’s right. turns 2 years old today… and now you’ve fallen in love with us, we’re going to test your patience with some very naughty behaviour.

Actually, we’re not, but we are going to share some of our more controversial content from the past 24 months in the coming days.

Some of it has prompted great discussion about equality, politics and celebrity, while other bits are really just an excuse to share some sexy pant tingling images. All of them have attracted new readers to the site and today we’re happy to be surpassing the 55k mark.

To celebrate, here’s a rare Madonna interview from 1987 in full.  Obviously we love it… and as you know, if you’re critical of Madonna in this house, we’ll cut a bitch.

Tons of people now follow for free.  You should too or everyone will know you wear man-spanx.


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