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The Long Weekend – An Interview with Clare Lydon

The-Long-Weekend-Clare-Lydon-coverClare Lydon’s second novel, The Long Weekend, is a hotly anticipated release following the success of her debut novel London Calling, which became a No.1 Amazon best-seller in the UK, Canada and Australia. She stopped by to tell us more about The Long Weekend…

Hello Clare! Tell us a bit about your new novel…

The Long Weekend is the story of nine friends who rent a house in Devon to celebrate 20 years since they met at university. Tension, fine food, booze and revelations stud the weekend, leaving relationships in the balance and friendships on the line. Will they all come through unscathed? It’s been described by one reviewer as a lesbian Peter’s Friends – I’ll take that!

It isn’t a follow-up to London Calling then?

Nope. It’s still got a ton of lesbians running around it, but it’s a bit darker, mainly because all the characters are older and so have more baggage to bring with them. It deals with cracks in relationships as well as cracks in the wider friendship group. But it’s still flecked with humour because that’s how best to deal with most things in life!

How come you decided to leave London behind for this book?

London is my absolute favourite city in the world, but I can write about other places too. I got married this year and was in New York for our honeymoon. I thought about doing a New York Calling while I was there. Never say never…

Have you been on a similar long weekend?

I have done the 20 years since university thing recently, but our weekend was very tame compared to the one in the book. We ate some lovely food, had a few drinks, stayed in a hotel and were all in bed by midnight. And we all got on. It would have made a terribly dull book. That’s where my imagination came in handy.

Was writing your second book any easier or harder than the first?

I did the first draft of this before I published London Calling, so I already had it written. Of course, the first draft is only the start of the story. I put it away, published London Calling, started a new business, got married and then pulled it out again in June and began work on the umpteen edits to get it to publishable stage.

What are you reading at the moment?

I got given a gift of a three-month subscription to a book club in September which has been great. It’s curated and the first book I got was Lucy Caldwell’s All The Beggars Riding. It was an interesting read. I’m also reading Orna Ross’s Blue Mercy – seriously smooth writing.

Is there another novel in the works?

Yes and this one is a follow-up to London Calling of sorts. It’s not the story of Jess & Lucy, but rather it focuses on Kate, Jess’s flatmate and sister-in-law. Of course, the backdrop is again my home city of London, and there are familiar characters waltzing around throughout which should please fans of London Calling.

This is your second novel of 2014. How has your life changed this year?

2014 has been, without doubt, the most amazing year of my life. Not only have I published two novels and got married, I’ve also met so many fantastic new people and been welcomed into a very supportive lesbian author community. What’s more, I’ve learnt a ton about writing and self-publishing and been able to pass it on to new authors too, which is fab.

Clare-Lydon-Head-ShotClare Lydon’s novel The Long Weekend is out on Kindle now. You can purchase a paperback version direct from Clare at or via from November 18th. Paperback versions will be available on Amazon in around four weeks – just in time for Christmas.

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