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30 Day LGBT Challenge: Days 9 & 10

Learn more about the 30 Day LGBT Challenge – and join in, in the comments if you have something to say.

1280px-Brides-to-be_(9178104425)Day 9 – What do you think about LGBT Pride? Is it helpful or hurtful? Encouraged or unnecessary?

Barry: I have so many feelings about LGBT Pride in general.  I’d love to live in a world where it’s not necessary, but I guess the quickest and most pertinent way to answer this question is to revisit my blog Why there is no straight pride.

Day 10 – What does marriage mean to you?

Barry: Again, I feel like I’ve shared it a million times, but have a read of my open letter to the Scottish Parliament from when they voted in equal marriage.  My thoughts on it will be fairly obvious.



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  1. I love LGBT Pride. Like Barry has said (and i HATE agreeing with him), in a perfect world, it wouldn’t be needed. But until we get to a time when I can walk down the street holding hands with my boyfriend (and the very concept of that is laughable) without being verbally abused then it6s’s important. PLUS it’s a wonderful celebration, and a surefire excuse to get so completely wankered you vomit into a hedge.

    Marriage? That would be truly wonderful. To fall for someone so completely, that you cant even imagine being without them or with anyone else. It is the ultimate romantic gesture. Sigh.

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  2. Gay Pride was/is totally necessary in a world where legislation works againt LGBT – it’s everything from simple self-love to political defiance, particularly at times and places when homophobia is proactive. Without my gay pride I would not be the man I am.

    Marriage means the freedom to express and define my relationship however me and my husband decide. It’s an indelible legal statement which nobody can erase or interpret, apart from the parties to the marriage contract. This self determination is the very reason why homophobes don’t want LGBT to have the right to marry, because once its a non-issue (i.e. LGBT are not punished, shamed or marginalised for our relationships or our multitude of gender expressions), the closet will self destruct and same-sex attracted children will transition into adulthood without it. Marriage is also far more than a civil right, it’s a responsibility.


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