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30 Day LGBT Challenge: Days 12-16

OK, so we’re terrible at staying on top of the 30 Day LGBT Challenge, but the questions are great stimuli so we’re still playing…

Day 12 – Your favorite LGBT movie (or one you’d like to see).

Barry: My husband introduced me to the wonderful Ma Vie En Rose and since then I’ve been smitten.


Day 13 – Your favorite LGBT role model/celebrity.

Barry:  From the community, I admire many, but think that Neil Patrick Harris has managed to permeate society and shift perceptions on what it is to be a gay man.  Champions, I’ll always come back to Madonna.


Day 14 – Your favorite LGBT song or artist.

Barry: This one is easy.  Dig in.

Day 15 – Your favorite LGBT quote

Barry: “If people don’t accept you for who you are, don’t change. If you’re being bullied, stay strong. Look for support in people and your surroundings. And if someone tries to beat you up, pick up a brick” – Beth Ditto

Day 16 – A picture from your first LGBT relationship or of your first LGBT crush

Barry: First LGBT crush…



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