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XNTHONY takes his hit show DOUZE to London as he continues his quest for Eurovision glory

We’re a little bit in love with an Irish boy called XNTHONY.

Douze - Photo - Email Version

Last year, on a whistle-stop visit to Dublin during the Tiger Dublin Fringe, our very own BCW found himself with a spare 2 hours on a rainy Thursday night.  Scanning the programme of events, a cheeky wee show caught his eye.  It seemed camp as tits and was sure to lift his spirits, not to mention help him get over a very dodgy experience on a Ryan Air flight just a few hours before.  3 hours later, he found himself standing on the street, reeking of beer and covered in glitter.  And we’re told… with a bit of a semi.

He was well and truly charmed, and we’re pretty sure you will be too.

See, as massive Eurovision fans, XNTHONY’s story is immediately relatable.  Remember BCW admitting that his 4 year old self would often wrap tea towels around his waist and pretend to be Cheryl Baker in Bucks Fizz in his open letter to MSPs the day equal marriage passed?  Well, XNTHONY has just as much passion, and last year he set out for Eurovision glory.

Armed with as many fizzy pop songs as he could muster, he and his backing singers, The Penny Slots, took Dublin by storm and believed they were on the cusp of representing Ireland in 2016. Except they weren’t. But they’re not giving up.

XNTHONY’s making (another) comeback equipped with a whole host of potential songs to convince the public to support them… when they get to Eurovision… eventually.

Together with The Penny Slots, XNTHONY is heading to drag legend Jonny Woo’s notorious venue, The Glory for one night only with his critically acclaimed show, showcasing some of the songs that he one day hopes to perform at the Eurovision itself.

Following the performance in The Glory, XNTHONY and The Penny Slots will continue performing DOUZE at a host of venues and festivals across the UK, Ireland, and Europe as they hope to build up popular support for when they make it to Eurovision… eventually.

“Genuinely hilarious” The Irish Times

“This show is stunning”

“Fringe fun at its finest”Le Cool

“Nutty and really fun”Panti Bliss

“A roaring success”Sitting on the Fourth Wall

The Glory, 281 Kingsland Road, E2 8AS

April 23rd at 19:30

Tickets – £8 from here.

DOUZE is presented by X & Co. X & CO is a collective of theatre makers from Ireland and the UK. They are dedicated to developing the narrative of pop star wannabe XNTHONY by merging technology and performance to make work that unfolds both online and onstage. The collective is comprised of Anthony Keigher, Tiffany Murphy, and Hannah Fisher, as well as producer David Doyle.


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