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Rob Ward’s Gypsy Queen for Arts Theatre run in London’s West End

The macho world of boxing provides the backdrop for a brand new gay play from the award-winning writer of ‘Away From Home’ Rob Ward.

‘Gypsy Queen’ tells the story of ‘Gorgeous’ George O’Connell, bareknuckle fighter from a traveller background, who finds more than he bargained for when he joins a professional boxing gym. There he meets the beautiful, confident and openly gay boxer Dane Sampson who takes a liking to George. George is about to learn some truths about who he is and what he wants.


From stolen moments in the showers to tender moments on the sofa, from the changing rooms to the ring, ‘Gyspy Queen’ is the story of two men who find themselves, and each other, in the most unlikely of worlds.

But how will our fighters and lovers react when the fight moves outside the ring?

Professional boxing has suffered a series of knocks on LGBT inclusion over the past year, from the debate surrounding whether Tyson Fury’s comments should have seen him off the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year shortlist to Manny Pacquaio’s comparisons between homosexuality and bestiality. Someone give these men a hug!

This is always a hot topic for actor and writer Rob Ward who has explored the subject of being gay in sport before, his previous award winning one-man show ‘Away From Home’ was about the life of a rent boy in a relationship with a Premier League footballer.

“For as long as comments like these are made,” says Ward, “for as long as sporting institutions fail to address the issue of LGBT inclusion and for as long as these dated notion of masculinity prevail then all I can do as a writer is tell a story that tries to challenge this and opens a dialogue on the matter.”


‘Gypsy Queen’ runs for six nights between October 10th and 15th at 7.30pm (matinee Saturday 15th at 3pm)

Arts Theatre
Great Newport Street London
Box Office: 02078368463


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